Homebound Services



What is Homebound? Hospital/Homebound is a short-term service to continue academic instruction at home or in the hospital for a student who is physically or emotionally too ill to attend school.  Homebound placement is an alternative setting for the provision of special education services with disabilities who, due to the severity or medical condition of their disability may be served in a hospital or home environment under adult supervision.

Who is eligible? Any student whose physician or psychiatrist verifies that the student:

  •  is not able to attend regular school
  •  is able to participate in and benefit from Hospital/Homebound instruction         
  • is expected to be out of school for an extended period of time.
Additional Information about Homebound:
  • Homebound services should not be thought of as a permanent education placement.
  • The school environment cannot be replicated in the homebound setting.
  •  When a student is homebound for an extended period of time, the family must update the IEP team with medical information.
  • The goal of homebound services is to facilitate the student's return to the current classroom setting.
For additional information, please contact Mandy Lindsey at the contact form above OR 662-449-7258.