Homebound Services

If the request for homebound services is not a special education student, the process starts with a request made to the guidance counselor at the school where the student is enrolled. The guidance counselor forwards a request for homebound services to the Department of Special Education. Medical documentation explaining why the school environment is harmful to the student must accompany the request.

When homebound services are approved, the Department of Special Education will hire a teacher to provide the service. The teacher will communicate with the general education teacher and the student to start the service. Time and location are flexible and should be convenient for all involved. A public meeting place, such as the library, is often preferred, if the student is medically able to meet outside of the home.

 Homebound services should not be thought of as a permanent education placement. The school environment cannot be replicated in the homebound setting. When a student is homebound for an extended period of time, the family must update medical information.

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